Elezaby law Firm was established in December of 1998, serving well-reputed local and multinational corporations for over 20 years in various fields such as Litigations, Shipping, and Trade, Real Estate, Tourism, Contracts, Arbitration and IT.

We are well aware the needs of companies as well as how to productively and smoothly deal with major governmental authorities.

As part of its efforts to expand its reach as a leading international law firm in the field of international legal counsel and legal counsel, ELezaby International Law and Legal Consultants recently signed a partnership agreement with Del Canto Chambers, a leading law firm in the fields of corporate taxation, arbitration and other fields. . Del Canto Chambers covers the UK and other European countries and has offices in London, Madrid and Qatar.

Under the terms of the agreement, ELezaby International Law and Legal Consultancy Office has expanded its scope of operations to include Europe, Egypt, the Gulf and North Africa, as well as joint cooperation between the two offices.

Dr. Waleed Ahmed ELezaby, Chairman of ELezaby International Law and Legal Consultants, said: “The signing of the partnership agreement with the international law firm, Del Canto Chambers, will enable ELezaby Law Office to benefit from the high level international scientific and practical expertise enjoyed by team members. As well as expanding the geographical reach of our legal services and also serving our clients in Egypt, the Gulf and North Africa if their business needs to provide legal services in Europe. “


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